26 April 2011

The Madrid Rio Project

If you are close to campus, think about how Rouute 18 has cut off New Brunswick from the Raritan River.  Those connections are hard to repair.  Here is Madrid's solution to a vaguely similar situation.


Gwendolyn Comollo said...

All i can say is, "Wow" to this plan. The architects did a great job in planning this out to making it look like it isn't even part of a city. Although it took a long time for it to happen, it was well worth the wait. It is a shame, when comparing it to New Brunswick and Route 18 to think that they could have come up with a better solution than just a highway blocking the view of the river-- just another highway NJ needs and now its too late to change. Madrid Rio's plan did a nice job in keeping an open space for the public and at the same time providing easy traffic patterns that are hidden. It is amazing to think that this could be done, too bad New Brunswick didn't follow in Madrid's footsteps.

James Lickfield said...

I completely agree it really is a shame that the full value of the landscape here hasn't been utilized. I really like the entire layout that Madrid has come up with and I think my favorite part has to be the underground parking that this project offered.