27 April 2011

The market is improving

ASLA reports that the market is improving for landscape architecture firms.

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Gwendolyn Comollo said...

It is interesting to see that things are improving, not only for landscape architecture firms, but everything. This is a good sign that the economy is starting to recover from the past few years that have taken a toll on many businesses. While the majority of the results from the survey were not necessarily "significantly higher," there was definite improvement on quite a few. One that stood out to me was the "new work" category. The results were primarily on the positive side; progress is being made. As well as the "new work," it is nice to see they are hiring entry-level landscape architects-- good sign for college students. However, I am not too surprised that more than half is still not hiring. Give it time, and that number will decrease. Like one comment about the article said, "Your glass seems to be half full."