06 July 2011

And a fine fellow he will be...

Proud Rutgers alum Bob Snieckus is making us proud.  ASLA has announced that he will become a fellow this fall. Despite his important work serving the nation in DC, Bob has been a regular participant in all sorts of activities on campus as a Cook alum and LA alum.  Check out his bio from the Fellow announcement:

Robert E. Snieckus, ASLA
USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
Washington, D.C.

Robert Snieckus was nominated by the Potomac Chapter in the Leadership/Management Category. Throughout his career, he has showcased the creative problem-solving acumen of landscape architects to the many multi-discipline professionals in the agencies in which he has worked. Be it gravel pit stabilization, a flood detention basin, or the USDA building on the National Mall, he has consistently introduced long-term, visionary aesthetic solutions. His creativity and enthusiasm are as astonishing as he is unique. Despite his administrative responsibilities, he still leads design teams in the execution of creative and sustainable solutions to very difficult land and water management problems all across the country. Perhaps the most challenging and rewarding was the landscape regeneration plan he implemented following the eruption of Mount St. Helens. His BLA is from Rutgers University.
Who's next?

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