07 October 2011


The Homes News and Tribune had as its top story the other day, a difficult environmental dilemma.  A protected meadow area in Franklin, the Negri-Nepote Grassland Preserve, has been overtaken by the Canada thistle an invasive species.  And, since the the thistle is spreading very quickly and impacting nearby farmland, many in the community want to see it sprayed with an herbicide that will minimize the weed for some time.

But wait! It turns out that the thistle have been great for bees.  And everyone knows that the diminished population of these pollinators has been an important issue.  So maybe we should wait an talk about this trade-off for a while.

Once there is a frost, the herbicide is not effective.  So if they are going to use it, they have to decide now.  Maybe.

Or could they go organic?

It would all be easier if invasives weren't brought in to begin with.  And maybe that is the lesson for future efforts.

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