25 October 2011

Mapping NJ's future development

There is plenty of news and opinion coverage of the changing landscape of planning in NJ.  NJ Spotlight has an article on both the scrapping of the State Plan map (maps are so 1600s?) and trying to integrate more business and financial planning into the state smart growth plan.  Reactions?  The Home News and Tribune says that PlanSmart NJ is OK with the plan while NJ Today quotes Jeff Tittel as saying that this plan will just empower those who make sprawl.  And while it is hard to find other blogs that have studied it and given a full response, you can always count on plenty of opinion from Bill Wolfe.


Bill Wolfe said...

Hahahah! I love the title of the post!

Given that there are no maps in the CHrisite document being called the new "State Plan", does that mean NJ has no future development?

There are random depictions at the end of the document (I wouldn't call it a "plan" and not even a "strategy").

Although there is information presented within a bounded geography known as the Sate of NJ, I wouldn't call these depictions "maps".

Maps are more than information - they convey knowledge addn depict visions and values.

The Christie folks' graphic depictions in this document reveal their banal ignorance.

Bill Wolfe said...

David - I think you and your students might be interested in knowing that after the blog post that you link to, DEP killed all the links I had posted to the landscape Project and landscape Project maps.

These people are diabolical - not only do they erase the "old" State Plan maps, but they kill the links to prior DEP maps. How Orwellian- down the memory hole. Winston Smith must work in the Christie press office! (I mean "MiniTrue")

0here's my original post - hit the links and see for yourself:


Anonymous said...

please disregard my prior posts - the DEP like work for me now.

Must have been some temporary glitch/