02 February 2012

The Barrett Foundation Prize

The Barrett Foundation Prize has been established to create an incentive for fresh, creative ideas regarding public land stewardship. It challenges academic teams to work together to formulate innovative solutions to the escalating problems of natural resource management in the context of an economic slowdown, demographic changes, changing American values, and increasing anthropogenic impacts on natural systems.

Through a pre-proposal selection process, ten teams will be selected as finalists and invited to submit complete business plans for the challenge. Each final team will be eligible for reimbursement of start-up expenses of up to $1,000. From the ten final teams, a first prize winning team will be selected and will receive a $50,000 cash award. Four runners up will each receive a $10,000 cash award.

Look at the detailed announcement soon: The deadline is March 16, 2012.


Žogs said...

Really awesome post!

Bill Wolfe said...

Let me suggest as a proposal tropic the exploration of the recent forest "harvest" legislation and need for forest "stewardship".

That bill is now pending and will be reheard on march 8

If it passes, I assume at least a 2 year program development period.

A private lands forest stewardship bill passed 2 years ago - technical requirements to implement that law have yet to be published by DEP.

In the alternate, it would be beneficial to have academic reviews of "mitigation" for myriad electric transmission and gas pipelines being built or proposed in NJ.