15 May 2012

Old Olmsted photos

While digging through some historic records, I stumbled onto these old Library of Congress lantern slides of Olmsted's Biltmore Estate. They are labeled as capturing the Estate in 1895 while it was still squeeky new. I don't know how they got such a clean air photo in 1895, but the lack of mature trees (and the LOC's reputation for details) makes me believe that date is accurate.

Our local readers might also be interested in tracking down a few historic photos of New Jersey landscapes.

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Anonymous said...

Don't think the the aerial view was 1895. The pool wasn't built until about 1917 or so, after GWVs death. Originally that area was for an bowling green. The pool has since been filled in.The date 1895 seems to appear as the creation date for all the photos in this set and i would guess that it is the date of the opening. FWIW.