19 November 2012

Jail the planners?

Ed Blakely suggests that it is time to think about jailing the planners who have facilitated the recklessly dangerous development that Sandy ripped through. But he also aims directly for the planners elsewhere who have contributed to climate change, which will continue to threaten the coast. Most importantly, this expert on Hurricane Katrina offers concrete steps that communities should take to more towards responsible resiliency.

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Bill Wolfe said...

David - first off, planners have no formal power and are not policymakers or regulators that determine and approve land use.

I say Jail the regulators - that's why I've been writing for many months about what they know and suppress and sweep under the rug. see:


Second, your students should look a little closer to home for accountability - their own university: Rutgers. What have they down? See this: