04 January 2013

Happy New Year predictions

James Howard Kunstler has a full post on the coming year including predictions like:
  • "The Dow will hit 4000"
  • "California, Illinois, and New Jersey beg the broke federal government for bailouts."
Urban Times has a list of impressive city-building megaprojects to watch for in the new year.

GIS Cafe has geospatial predictions for the next year, none are surprising but that doesn't make them less interesting.

Inhabit got green design predictions from notables like Bill McKibben and Jean Lin.

Directions Magazine has its editors' predictions as well: "Crowdfunding will come to geospatial in 2013" and "SoLoMo (Social Local Mobile)".

According to an NYC architect, design trends could include community gardens, designing with Nature, and getting rid of the lawn.

For Vancouver, housing and transportation will be hot in 2013. (Watch them! Vancouver is usually about a decade ahead of many American cities)

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