30 January 2013

Live Blog: WXY

The liveblog is back but I am not sure for how long or how lengthy the entries will be...

Mark Yoes and Claire Weisz
Founding partners of WXY Architects

The Social Life of (Infra) Structures

 Malls and sprawl in Dallas
 Completely commodified public space
 but architecture school ignore these issues and didn't engage the world around them
    instead it emphasized an inner coherence that was primarily about architecture itself

In school more influence came from
Peter Eisenman
Italian neorationalism like Aldo Rossi

"Then I met JB Jackson"
He saw the landscape differently
He could see both its good and bad qualities simultaneously
Strip development was crass, but its crassness was an American form of expression

Their Battery Bosque kiosk was meant as something unique to the Battery but also something that could easily be reinterpreted for other cities

They also talked about some different designs at Rockaway Beach.

We are entering an age when even roads are suddenly being viewed and designed as a remarkable multi-purpose structure that is for far more than just cars

This week is the 100th anniversary of Grand Central Station, so you might also want to peek at the WXY proposal for that landmark.

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