08 February 2016

Hoboken's plan

The NY Times takes a longer look at Hoboken's engineered approach to resiliency. At its heart, the plan uses structures that work like floodwalls. But in Hoboken, that has turned out to be so controversial that Mayor Dawn Zimmer has developed an alternative vocabulary. The Times says that, "Instead, she is careful to use less provocative terms, such as a “flood-protection measure,” and emphasizes that a wall could double as an “amenity,” such as a bench or planter, that would fit into the urban landscape."

In Fundamentals, we just finished talking about some participatory planning methods. The article highlights the difficulty that those present. But it might also demonstrate the value of choosing the right ones.

Meanwhile, this morning's high tide has Jersey Shore towns under water. Keep an eye on the photos getting reposted by the Twitter account @JSHurricaneNews.

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