23 May 2008


On this date in 1483, Joan of Arc was captured.

On this date in 1934, Bonne and Clyde were gunned down in Louisiana.

On this date in 2008, the Cook College class of 2008 graduated with much fanfare and sunshine.
  • A record number of Environmental Geomatics Certificates were conferred.
  • 8 Patels walked.
  • Dr. Eva Pell of Penn State addressed the graduating class.
  • At 12:02 Craig ZAGATA walked across the stage completing the parade of new Cook College graduates.

The faculty were ready to go.Taking full advantage of one of the only remaining benefits of serving on the faculty, Dr. Steven Handel got to award the diploma to his son Ethan.Our alum, Bob Sneickus, was honored and sat on the platform.Cheryl Corr and Rich Bartolone knew to stay in the shade.
Jessica Booth never dressed like this in Spain.
Christina Reimer graduated with the highest honors.
This will probably be one of my last candid photos of Zachary Caruolo.
Stephanie Blaser was ready to take notes during the Commencement Address.
Stan Brand took the stage with great energy.
Zack posed for a faculty photo.Celebrations ensued and then suddenly...The fun was over and the graduates were ready to go.More photos should appear online at http://landarch.rutgers.edu/ early next week.


RU08 said...

Sing it!

David Tulloch said...

I have posted some more higher resolution photos from commencement online at:

These are less for fun and more for printing out your own personal copy.