15 May 2008

Planner writes novel

A central New Jersey municipal planner has written a suspense novel. I can't wait until I find out if the serial killer gets his variance approved!

A local planner has written a novel, set on the West Coast but based on the Edison gas main explosion of 1994. Scarlett Doyle told the Home News and Tribune that writing her first novel, There's No Such Thing as Closure, required a real change in her writing style:
The tougher part came in the five-year ""polishing'' process, when Doyle ""embellished'' the story by developing the characters and becoming more realistic. No longer was she writing the stilted legalese of municipal master plans, zoning reports or resolutions for planning boards.

"I had to write how people talk,'' she said. ""No more, "be it resolved.'‚''

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Caroline said...

This seems vaguely unethical to me. Note to self: Make planner sign elaborate non-disclosure agreement when I incorporate.