23 May 2008

Celebrating our students

Commencement and Field Day are probably the two best days on the George H. Cook Campus. And since today is commencement it seems a particularly special time to celebrate our crew.

Today's graduates include Suzanne Pilaar. As if having her picture on the billboard in downtown New Brunswick wasn't enough, now one of our students alumnae has a feature on the SEBS website. That's making it big! Oh, she also got one those Bill and Melinda Gates Scholarships to go to Cambridge.

I had the pleasure of taking several members of the Class of '08 to Barcelona. Truly one of the great experiences for me as a teacher.

There were also around 3 members of the class of '08 that helped make the award winning Advanced Geomatics Revolutionary War Map. Cool stuff and a great (albeit exhausting) experience.

Best of luck to the Class of 2008. Today is your day. Please grab your diplomas and saplings quickly.

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