30 September 2008

RPA's Spotlight on the Region

The latest issue of the Regional Plan Association's newsletter, Spotlight on the Region is out. In particular, it includes a closer look at New Jersey's policies for funding highways by Carlos Rodrigues.

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Joe said...

Thumbs up on the contributions to mass transit. It seems ridiculous that it's cheaper for me to give a friend $10 or so for gas & tolls to take me to the airport, rather than take the train for $15 each way (and multiply that by however many people might go the airport together).

Earlier this year, I crossed the Delaware into New Jersey and woke up my friend sleeping in the back seat, who asked if my tire went flat. Really, though, it was just me driving over all the bumps from a poorly-kept NJ roadway.

The Garden State may be more appropriately nicknamed The Land of Cheap Gasoline, but I'll leave you all to consider the true costs of a lower transportation budget.

How much is your time worth when waiting on a congested road that could potentially be improved with revenue from tolls and higher gas taxes?

Would you rather pay more to drive on a smooth road, or drive over potholes and bumps and pay more at the shop for an alignment and new tires?

Could auto insurance premiums be lower for New Jersey if investments in modern safety improvements resulted in fewer accidents?