06 June 2009

New Hudson Train Tunnel

With tag lines like, "The Largest Transit Project in America" and "It's been 100 years since the last rail tunnel under the Hudson River was constructed," NJ Transit is pushing ahead with its plans for a new train tunnel. The planned tunnel is called ARC or Access to Region's Core. The propaganda online is pretty fun including lots of details, a great image gallery, and video. The new station will include 72 high speed escalators, a total of 8.78 Miles of tunnel borings, and will expand capacity from 170,000 to 255,000 daily visits to New York. Why do we need it?
Today, almost 75 percent of New Jersey residents live within five miles of a train station. Not only has this made our state and municipalities more economically successful, but is has removed hundreds of thousands of cars and the associated pollution from our congested roads.
For less than $9 billion it actually sounds like a steal.


herr said...

I am trying to find the actual map and stations of this rail system. What will be the local stops in NJ - will it be existing stops?

David Tulloch said...

As far as I can tell from the map online, there are no new stations. But I only know what I have read in the papers.