07 November 2008

Cool Class: Blogging and Podcasting the Environment

9:15-12:15 Thursdays. Blake 131.

The goal of the environmental communication clinic is to give students problem-solving skills and hands-on experience to help them in the job market. Working in groups, students in the Spring 2009 class will develop audio and video podcasts to promote environmentally responsible behavior on campus. To do so, students will first determine their communication goals (Increase recycling at RU football games? Reduce bottled water use in the student centers? Reduce carbon footprint of the dorms? Or? Or? Or?). Next, they will identify appropriate target audiences (dorm residents, SEBS faculty, football fans, etc.) After drafting a storyboard outline, they will conduct interviews as the basis of episodes of an audio podcast, a visually enhanced audio podcast, and a video podcast. Although students will have the opportunity work on projects during class, they will also need to spend time outside of class developing ideas, conducting interviews, and editing.

Enrollment is limited and permission of professor is required. SEBS students of any major are welcome. Good visual, oral, and/or verbal communication skills required. Juniors are preferred so their senior year they can serve as resources for faculty, agricultural extension agents, and other students .

For permission contact Professor Caron Chess chess_c@aesop.rutgers.edu.

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