04 November 2008

Bald Eagle at Lake Carnegie

As we discuss/debate our visions for the future of the Stony Brook Millstone Watershed weread th data we are given and try to synthesize it. But the real experiences and anecdotal evidence sometimes seem more meaningful. So ,when we saw data about habitat for Bald Eagles it was harder to take it as a genuine issue until seeing this picture of a Bald Eagle on Lake Carnegie just last month.

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Carolyn Foote Edelmann said...

David, I'm delighted to read this comment about the Eagles of Lake Carnegie. We've been blessed now by 5+ years of healthy eagles of the Lake, who court, breed, raise and successfully fledge young. It's probably because of work such as you are doing, to maintain a healthy watershed. I salute you,and your confreres, in your mission.