13 November 2008

Cool Class: Research in the Disciplines

I recently received a brochure on the writing sections in Research in the Disciplines. This class counts as the second class in the SEBS writing and communication area requirement. It is structured around thematic sections meant to challenge students to write about an area of interest to them. This helps the student advance their writing skills (a necessity in the modern workplace) while developing a specific vocabulary or writing style the helps them explore or express their own ideas in an area of interest. Some of the more interesting ones for our students might include:
  • Visual Culture And Technology
  • Architecture, Design And Public Space
  • Ethics And Decision Making
  • My Space, Your Space: 21st Century Communication
  • Environment
Unfortunately, Architecture, Design And Public Space is offered at the same time as the Landscape Architecture Common Lecture series, but for students working towards entry to the program it would still be beneficial.

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