04 November 2008

TED looks ahead

As we try to look towards the future, I have tried to pick out a few TED Talks that say something about trends or changes worth watching. This should be a nice break as you try to sort out what you think will matter in looking forward to 2050.

Cameron Sinclair's Architecture for Humanity is a favorite of mine. While socially-responsible design isn't the same in Princeton as in Kosovo, but it is still a relevant and important consideration.

Majora Carter talks about her community-based work in greening the South Bronx. The watershed lacks a comparable landscape, but the ideas are still transferable. What are the greening challenges that will face the watershed over the next few decades? Who is available to address them?

Ray Kurzweil spoke about his expectations for technology changes that will change us.

Jaime Lerner talks about cities.

Robin Chase wants to change the way we drive.

Sociologist Barry Schwartz explains why too much choice is a problem for humans.

Edward Burtynsky won the TED Award for his photographs of industrial landscapes.

Carl Honore offers a quick synopsis of the slow movement. Does a regional design reinforce this behavioral pattern? What are the implications for our watershed?

Amy Smith shows how design can change lives.

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