10 May 2009

Maya Lin's Wavefield is open

They told you it was coming, but now the NY Times reviews Maya Lin's Storm King Wavefield at Storm King. The landform sculpture is 240,000 square feet and reaches up as high as about 15 feet. I am pretty sure that violates the proposed Sustainable Sites Initiative standards.

The reviewer at the Times isn't hiding their feelings very well either:
But the piece is already a classic. It has the gravity of Ms. Lin’s commemorative sculptures and the sociability of the earlier “wave” pieces, which lent themselves to picnics, play and privacy. And, more immediately than almost any of her other outdoor projects, it is inextricable from nature, which is where, as I say, all her art starts.
The opening of the new sculpture is accompanied with a special exhibit called Maya Lin: Bodies of Water that will last until November. (Mapped)

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