07 May 2009

ASLA Design Awards

The American Society of Landscape Architects has announced their list of 2009 design award winners and it is an impressive group. Included on the list are well-known designers and firms like RU Alum Andrea Cochran, MVV, SWA, MVV, Ken Smith, MVV, Mia Lehrer, WRT, Ken Smith, WRT, West 8, OLIN, and WRT and a few designers without such high profiles. And, several of the projects are ones that we already saw in our speakers series including:
Rutgers' own Steven Handel is all over this thing, especially with his Research Award. Congrats!


Anonymous said...

Does this mean that there is no one with a degree in Landscape Architecture that is doing good enough work to get a research award?

S. Handel said...

I am very grateful for this award. I think we are at a time when the links between ecologists and l.a.'s must get much stronger. I think my award was recognition that a new synergism is in the air. Or in the soil.