29 March 2010

Internship in the City

GIS Jobs Clearinghouse has posted a NYC Parks job that  looked perfect for some of our readers...

NYC Department of Parks and Recreation
GPS Park Tree Inventory
Application Deadline: 4/16/10

This is an internship position to work with the Central Forestry & Horticulture GIS unit, and is an excellent opportunity for students interested in careers in social and biological fieldwork. Interns will assist Parks by creating a thorough and accurate inventory of the number, species, and condition of trees in selected parks. This internship will be field-based, and interns will be spending the vast majority of their time in city parks collecting data with handheld GPS devices. While opportunities may exist to perform office GIS tasks such as basic analytics and mapping, this internship is primarily focused on fieldwork and applicants should expect to be working outdoors for the duration of their employment. Minimum college sophomore standing with an interest in fieldwork, urban forestry, GIS, and/or GPS. Preference will be given to students in environmental science, forestry, or biology. Familiarity with spreadsheets/tabular data formats such as Excel or Access is required; familiarity with ArcGIS or other GIS software is very helpful. Familiarity with data collection and post-processing using Pathfinder/ArcPad GPS is useful. Familiarity with tree identification is useful. Interns will be required to work outdoors in a variety of weather conditions and to utilize public transportation. A strong preference will be given to applicants who can demonstrate an ability to work independently and consistently in the field. Please email cover letter and resume to peter.tiso@parks.nyc.gov

h/t Puk

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