04 March 2010

Video spotlight on planning

You think that it is only the elected officials that get caught in the spotlights of political accusations?  In Jersey City the corruption arrests included someone labeled as a city planning aide.

Recently in Elizabeth, NJ someone posted videos highlighting accusations about the planning director, Oscar Ocasio Juarbe.  One accuses him of making more than the Mayor of Manhattan and another claims that where there's smoke there's fire.  I am in no position to confirm any of this (and you should be wary of any facts in videos like these), but offer these instead as simple proof that the public cares about planners.  They certainly aren't fancy (or spellchecked) but they are hard to take down or remove.

Did they work?  Well, he resigned and the paper cites the videos as part of the situation.  But the numbers of views on the videos is somewhat low compared to viral videos of Internet fame.  Still, it clearly shows that someone other than just a few of our students is watching what is happening at the Planning Boards around NJ.

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