10 March 2010

Spring Break Idea: Portland

I know that the West Coast is a ways to go for Spring Break, but if you want to see something new you may need to travel.

I've been taking pictures of Portland since before the digital camera age.  It is a great city for public space and photography. 

While the light rail might first catch your eye, they also have award winning gutters and water treatment sites.

I've already posted some photos of Portland's famous Tanner Springs Park.

Jamison Square Park is already a popular and well known stop for design fans.

Halprin's parks are outstanding.

For those who like larger landscapes, Portland has several new urbanist or TOD communities including Orenco Station
Mt St Helens is just a couple hours away (and Mt Hood is closer).

And the trip to the beach is different than at Daytona.

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