19 May 2010

Duisburg: Tour

One of the highlights of attending CELA 2010 was a visit to Germany's Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord (mapped).This is an old industrial site that has been converted into a pretty amazing park.  The design by Latz + Partner is both an icon of brownfields redevelopment and contemporary landscape architecture. 

Our tour was led by Peter and Anneliese Latz. Here is a picture of Anneliese talking to our group.

The facilities here were huge.  I have sen plenty of photos before, but never realized just how large the structures themselves were.  Below you can see the group walking through a cut in one of the walls. 

The design capitalizes on the spaces and forms of the existing structures and uses them as inspiration for creating exceptional new spaces for visitors to experience.

The park is large enough that you have to explore for quite a while. And the buildings are large enough that at any moment, you usually don't have a good view of the site.

Even the settling pits that were cleaned up (above) have been turned into spaces for humans. The others (below) are planted up for viewing and bioremediation.

This is the first of 3 photosets.

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