20 May 2010

"individuals of dissimilar temperaments"

“Unlike McHarg, most landscape architects have neither the knowledge nor the interest to embrace the entire scope of the discipline – the shaping of the landscape from garden to region – within their practices and theories. The synthesis forged by McHarg and others has tended to dissolve, not because of inevitable strains imposed by professional practice and the demands of specific projects, but because the study and practice of the two ends of the spectrum – garden design and regional planning – have tended to attract individuals of dissimilar temperaments who borrow methods and theories from disparate disciplines rather than generating them from within the core knowledge and actions of landscape architects.”

- Anne Whiston Spirn

Spirn, A. W., 2000. “Ian McHarg, Landscape Architecture, and Environmentalism: Ideas and Methods In Context” in Environmentalism in landscape architecture.

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