09 May 2010

"lost its social purpose"

“In the late ‘70s the profession rolled over and played dead for the second time – just like when it rolled over in the Roaring Twenties and lost its social purpose when city planning emerged as a separate discipline and profession. When Peter Walker and his associates at SWA East reinstated the belief that ‘landscape architecture must finally be judges as a form of fine art’ and promoted designs such as Martha Schwartz’s now-famous ‘Back Bay Bagel Garden,” that was the final death knell for GIS in landscape architecture at Harvard.”

- Steve Sperry

Niemann, B. J., and S. Niemann, 1994. “Revolutionaries in Action: Nick Faust, Lawrie Jordan Bruce Rado, and Steve Sperry,” GIS Innovators column, Geo Info Systems, 4:2 (February) 53-57.

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