31 August 2010

10 Towns: Bernards Township

The 10 Towns Committee was disbanded in June. Our fall studio will be looking at the Great Swamp Watershed and its 10 towns this fall. Coincidence? (mostly, yes)

We'll spend the next 10 days or so taking a peek at Land Use in the 10 towns. Even though newer LULC data is available, the posts will be using the 2002 land use. (Sorry) Since each map will use the same legend, I've included it below. None of the maps will include a scale bar - we'll explore scale in class.

Here's Bernards Township founded in 1760. Wikipedia reports that is is home to headquarters of Avaya, Fedders, Hitachi Power Systems and Verizon, but maybe we'll seek out some independent confirmation.

Tomorrow: Bernardsville

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