21 August 2010

Another St Croix

Having looked at the postcard St Croix, I thought we could look briefly at a different St Croix. The weather there can be fairly intense with some spots on the island (and the MREC site) having some pretty high winds, plenty of humidity, add in some salt, and then lots of direct sun and maybe the occasional hurricane, and things might get beat up in spots.

Not many of the signs had been wiped clean like this one, but it shows how the weather treats some places.

The weathered buildings also give the place its unique feel. 

Outside of the the tourist areas, some of the stores weren't as adorned as we are used to in New Jersey.

The other St Croix isn't all rusted, some of it is institutional or just unexpected.

Chain link fencing is used a a visible marker too.  Especially in parts of the island that have a little more rural character.

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