30 August 2010

Hasse and Lathrop in The Record

Dr. John Hasse of Rowan and Dr. Rick Lathrop of Rutgers-CRSSA were featured with a sizable opinion piece in The Record this weekend. Included in this was an assessment of where they think we should be looking for change as the first built out state in the US:
Today’s land management system is designed for the short term and small horizon of the single home buyer striving to maximize the amount of house that can be purchased in a town with good school systems; of the developer who is trying to supply that house under the existing big-lot zoning rules in play; of the municipal official, in office for only a short time, trying to chase that ratable.
It also includes a challnge for the future:
We didn’t ask for it, but our generation is the designer of what New Jersey’s built-out landscape will be like and how it will function for centuries to come.

In case you missed it, this comes on the heels of their well publicized and slightly criticized report on Changing Landscapes in NJ.

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