28 November 2010

African plants

Rutgers Program in History of Science, Technology, Environment and Health

Judith Carney (Geography, UCLA)
Fri 3 December, 11.30am

"Seeds of Memory: Africa's Botanical Legacy in the Atlantic World"

This talk examines the ways that African food and animal species circulated in the tropical Atlantic world between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries. Emphasis is on their role in the transatlantic slave trade, the means by which they arrived in the New World, and the sites where they were established in plantation societies. An examination of the African components of the Columbian Exchange draws attention to the significance of subsistence and the agency of enslaved Africans in instigating the cultivation of longstanding dietary preference

Rutgers Center for Historical Analysis
88 College Avenue, New Brunswick

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Annia said...

Interesting how civilizations are connected to one another through plants and floras found in various regions of the earth.