10 November 2010

Blogging the dark side of the Garden State

Wolfram Hoefer, this afternoon's speaker, has co-authored part of a recent blog post on the Dodge Foundation's Blog


Bill Wolfe said...

Here's more from "the dark side".

I posted the below comment on Dodge's blog, but predict that their moderator will not allow it:

"I guess I am one of those who advocate those stale “one dimensional solutions”.

I was even tempted to pull a rhetorical Tittel, and blast this as “Planners without a CLUES”, but will not go down that road.

I suspect that some of the palpable excitement was driven by the Dodge honeypot.

What’s not sustainable (in addition to the NJ landscape and current Neo-Liberal capitalist politcal economy) is the continued evolution of slogan based Foundation driven projects that Dodge the underlying economic and political realities in favor of feel good diversions. And I thought Daggett would make a difference after having tasted some of that reality in his Gubernatorial bid.

But, more seriously, I was rather shocked by this buried surrender:

“Our state has lost its rustic, agricultural landscape, and is now dominated by houses and suburbs, athletic complexes, warehouses, refineries, roads and highways, and big box shopping centers.”


And to think, I just awarded the Rip van Winkle award to NJ’s Planning Community:

Dodge Foundation said...

As long as the comments are topical (i.e. not spam and not promoting a business or service), we do not block comments. We want to know what our readers have to tell us, even if it's critical of our work and funding decisions.

To our knowledge, we have never blocked one of your comments, Mr. Wolfe. And if we did, it was unintentional.