18 November 2010

Cool class for everyone: Architectural Design

In the past our architectural design class/studio has only been open to juniors and seniors in the Landscape Architecture program. but this year we are opening it up with no pre-reqs.

Architectural Design Spring 2011 (3) Credits

Joseph M Hyland daedalten@aol.com
Timothy G Weiler tgweiler@embarqmail.com


The course is an introduction to the fundamentals of architectural design and its practice. The course is both a lecture and a studio and lecture topics will coincide with studio projects. The student will learn a working methodology: an understanding of designing built space, an awareness of how to read/interpret architecture through analysis: an understanding of architectural elements, site, history, materials (wood, concrete, glass, steel) and building programs: an understanding of the language of architecture, plan, section and elevation: a knowledge of architects; and the student will be introduced to the LEED process for building.

Studio projects will be both abstract and pragmatic and will last in duration from one to four weeks. Project assignments will increase in complexity over the course of the semester. The projects will be presented in models and drawings; you will design with pens and pencils as well as the computer. The final project will be the design of a building based on the student’s own design methodology.

There will be two or three field trips during class time to visit projects or exhibits. Architectural juries will be brought in to evaluate and critique some of the assigned studio projects.

There are suggested text but none are required and there will be the occasional assigned readings.

The course is open to all students, there are no required prerequisites.

The emphasis will be to have each student formulate a rational design approach to architecture. The course is both a lecture and a studio. Lecture topics will include theories of both the modern and contemporary architectural movements and examples of the buildings. Lectures on sustainability, building technologies, materials and the profession of architecture will also be covered. Studio projects will be both abstract and pragmatic and will last induration from one to four weeks. Format will be models and drawings; you will draw with pens and pencils as well as the computer.


Andrew said...

I think this is going to be an interesting class. Considering that the instructors are professional architects I'm sure students will learn so much from them.


Joe said...

Saw Mr. Hyland in my EDA class...unfortunately I'm going to have a requisite class scheduled for the same time.