05 November 2010

Cool class: Material Tectonics

Spring 2011
3 Credits
Brian Osborn

This course is an investigation into methods of construction and craft within the environmental design fields and leading to the design and build of a full scale intervention. Weekly readings will outline a contemporary theory of tectonics from the modern 1 to the digital 2. Regular seminar lectures and discussions will provide a foundation for the development of a group design project. Designs will be tested at real scale through iterative prototyping and material testing. Students will address the real consequences of material selection, in terms of their sustainability, through a term research project.

What will they build?

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Bill Wolfe said...

David - ask your economic geography students to watch this brilliant lectue 9with animation) - and then read David Harvey's work:


I was introduced to Harvey's work by reading "Social Justice and the City" in grad school.