01 November 2010

Mount Holly's Gardens

Mount Holly has been demolishing a 1950s housing area called The Gardens. There have been plenty of news stories about it over the years, but they've generally been small and ignored.  Places and Spaces wrote about it 2 years ago.

Last week Bill Potter posted an opinion column describing how egregious he considered the latest chapter. Bill Wolfe responded with a comment on Places and Spaces as well as his own recent photos of the Gardens, which he pointed out looked a little like some parts of post-Katrina NOLA.

When we talk about policy solutions to planning problems through tools like eminent domain and COAH, the conversations (whether for or against) are often fairly abstract using numbers and zones and units to describe the policy instead of focusing on the lives of the individuals.  Last year a video was made showing the toll that the process is having on the residents.  It is touching and very personal:


Bill Wolfe said...

David - thank you for posting that video - it broke my heart (again).

I feel foolish that I was totally unaware of this situation until I read Potter's essay last Saturday.

After touring the place, and meeting and speaking with residents, I knew enough to conclude that it was simply morally wrong.

This video should be required viewing for your students and all professionals involved in "development" - incluing employees of Pulte and Mt. Holly eelcted officials.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I grew up in the Gardens, from 1965 until 1979. Back then times were different, but so were the people. I still remember some of the residents that still live there today. It is so sad, this place brings back so many, many wonderful memories for me and my family. I'm hoping the legislature can do something to help these people!