10 March 2011

Are we over-reliant on social media?

Well, of course the answer is yes.

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But I mean as a tool for giving community groups a voice?  A group had citizens mark properties in New Orleans that they wished were being used better.  But they didn't do it on Google Maps or using GPS.

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They used name tag stickers.  But, instead of saying My Name Is... the stickers said I Wish This Was...

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The stickers are low-tech, easily accessible technique that has a totally different kind of impact and reach than online approaches.  But in some parts of NOLA it might be considered vandalism, too.  Tell us what you think.

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Puk said...

I love guerilla change... I guerilla weed every time I see the need... but this context requires the ears and eyes of powers that be. Otherwise, it amounts to nothing more than an expression of unmet desire.

On a separate note, I left my Android at home today. I panicked for a few minutes, then proceeded to have the most relaxing commute of my life.