17 March 2011

Balancing Environmental Remediation and Economic Issues in NJ

Professional Science Master's Program
Building New Jersey’s Innovation Ecosystem Lecture Series

Balancing Environmental Remediation and Economic Issues in NJ

Monday, March 21, 2011
CoRE Auditorium, Busch Campus

Mr. N. DeRose
Senior Principal, Langan Engineering & Environmental Services.

Mr. De Rose is a Senior Principal at Langan Engineering and Environmental Services who has over 30 years of environmental consulting experience specializing in Site Remediation and the Cleanup of Hazardous Waste Sites. His experience in New Jersey includes working since the inception of New Jersey’s Environmental Cleanup and Responsibility Act (ECRA) on cleanup projects driven by property transactions.

In 2008, Nick organized the Licensed Site Professional (LSP) Consultants Coalition in New Jersey in response to anticipated legislation to establish an independent LSP regulatory program for remediation cases in New Jersey. In this role, Mr. De Rose has led the efforts of the LSP Consultants Coalition in a comprehensive legal and technical review of SRRA and in ongoing meetings and discussions with key regulators and legislators. Mr. De Rose currently serves as President of the New Jersey Licensed Site Remediation Professional Association (LSRPA) which is recognized as one of the leading and most respected voices on regulatory and technical issues associated with SRRA and the newly established LSRP Program in New Jersey.

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