15 November 2011

Along the Raritan

We've been following news about the Raritan River all semester, and you never know what the next story will be.  But I was still surprised by seeing the Home News and Tribune report that "an inert bomb was discovered on Oct. 13 during a parking lot excavation at a distribution center for the AriZona Beverage Co. in Raritan Center." The Raritan Center are is the site of the army's old Nixon Nitration Works, so maybe it shouldn't be a as much of a surprise.  But a bomb is still a shocker, even in times of war.


Bill Wolfe said...

Hey,hey - Nixon NJ! :)

But that kind of industrial location complex is just in time for the New Christie State Plan, which seeks similar "industrial clusters".


Back to the future!

metāla žogi said...

Really awesome, thank you :)