04 November 2011

Should Princeton merge?

Will Princeton Borough and Princeton Township finally set aside their few remaining differences and become one?  Voters will decide (yet again)on Tuesday.  The Star-Ledger offers a preview that reminds us of some past efforts:
Consolidation can’t move forward unless a majority of voters in both the township and the borough say yes. Residents of the township, which wraps around the borough like a doughnut, approved a merger by a three-to-one margin in 1996, but it died when 55 percent of borough residents voted no. The measure was also rejected in 1953 and 1979.
But the article also includes a list of all 22 of New Jersey's doughnut towns.


Bill Wolfe said...

David - apologies for going off topic, but for a wonderful history of the NJ State Plan debates, you might want to check out comments by Bill Neil, former Director of Conservation for NJ Audubon on this post:


Unknown said...

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tvoros said...

Well probably they should :)