02 November 2011

Tim Marshall follow-up

Rather than a live blog, I simply offer a list of links related to the places we heard about today in lecture.  Most are official link, since it was really about organizations not images:


Puk said...

Here's an instance of my world's colliding: Danny Meyer of Union Sq. Cafe, Gramercy Tavern, and NYC's newest Michelin 3-star recipient, Eleven Madison Park is responsible for the revival of the dead space that was Madison Park. He practically invented hospitality AND the public-private partnership phenomenon that drives so much of the development and up-keep of NYC's parks today. Read Setting The Table.

David Tulloch said...

I'm glad you mentioned that. Tim specifically mentioned the role of food and described Danny Meyer's Shake Shack as an important ingredient in the success of MSP.

tvoros said...

Thanks for all whats mentioned in the post, great post!