20 August 2012

LA-GIS history

I was luck to meet GIS pioneer Bruce Rowland back i January. He was a key figure in getting TVA to adopt GIS after leaving the Graduate School of Design at Harvard. This short interview highlights his experiences in the early days at Harvard. I especially enjoy hearing talk about the impressive young turks at the Computer Graphics Lab who had "monitors". That was the sign of where they really stood.


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Bill Wolfe said...

I didn't have a monitor.

But I had an office with a window "high above Cayuga's waters".

And I took all the quantitative courses with the regional science geeks and learned all about "mapping decision space" and the friction of distance and central place and location theory (from the works of Walter Izard and Barclay Jones).

But, somehow, despite all those powerful tools and theories and GIS technologies, the landscape has been trashed.

Wonder why that is?

And no, I didn't graduate.