31 August 2012

Summer souvenirs

Is there a better way to finish off the summer than by looking back at the horrible souvenirs that you got in various cities during your vacation? Yes. Looking at a more comprehensive collection of some of the most awful city souvenirs.


Bill Wolfe said...

DAvid - this comment is way off topic, but I use read Matt Taibbi's latest piece, and is has an incredibly important spacial aspect.

He calls Romney "archipelago man" - a vision of the new economic elite who live "nowhere". A must read that integrates the nuts and bolts of the Wall Street financialization model with some accessible observations relaters to serious economic (creative destruction) and planning theory about spacial relations:

Here's a link:


Puk said...

I would totally wear a "Czech me out" t-shirt. But, then again, I own and often wear this.

Robin Wade said...

I want to bring some souvenir from places I visited. They’re remind me of the good ol’ days.