09 April 2014

Just trying to tell the story

Regular readers of Places and Spaces will already know that we ran a series of studios last fall investigating different issues in the clean up and rebuilding after Hurricane Sandy. Together we called the studios, Rebuilding for Resiliency: New Jersey Shore, and were fortunate to have a great videographer following along throughout the process.

From the very beginning of the semester until the final presentations, Will Atwater trailed all four classes on multiple trips to the Jersey Shore and captured the explorations and discoveries along the way. In a pretty amazing job of editing, he distilled all of that video down to six short, elegant summaries of the process. Of course, as a good videographer, you never see Atwater, but you can see his diligent work throughout.

For students in Fundamentals, consider how this is part of Steiner's Chapter 8  where he talks about the importance of creating an informed and energized public. These student plans won't get built. But a public watching the videos and thinking about 5-year and 20-year plans for these areas might respond differently to the next round of public hearings whether they are held by towns or FEMA or NJ Future.

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