30 July 2008

Landscape Architecture vs. Landscape Design

To see the difference, we can just turn to Google Trends and see how they are searched as terms. Blue is landscape architecture, red is landscape design:

A picture is worth 1000 words.


David Tulloch said...

BTW, the most common city/town for searching Landscape Architecture was Cambridge, MA. The most common for landscape design was Phoenix.

Anonymous said...

Landscape Architecture vs. Civil Engineering:


David Tulloch said...

Ah, as an office-based profession, CE and LA are both less seasonal in their searches. But here is the contrast, the most common towns for Landscape Architecture searches are all in the US. But the top ten for CE searches are all abroad:

1. Chennai, India
2. Delhi, India
3. Johannesburg, South Africa
4. Mumbai, India
5. Makati, Philippines
6. Dublin, Ireland
7. Singapore, Singapore
8. Edinburgh, United Kingdom
9. Hong Kong, Hong Kong
10. Birmingham, United Kingdom

Anonymous said...

Very interesting observation. The searches for Rutgers spike during football season as well.

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