12 June 2008

3D Disney in Google Earth

Why visit Orlando when you can simply take a virtual stroll through Disney World? Disney has created some highly textured 3d buildings for the many of their properties. Not only do they include buildings, but they also include some pretty sharp looking trees. And you can click on some buildings and rides and get videos further detailing the experience.
The MGM Studios have been constructed in a similar manner.
The Epcot model is realistic, complete with the uncrowded streets.
The Tree of Life from the Animal Kingdom seemed like the ultimate symbol of how far Disney took their efforts.
Until I saw the resorts. Disney modeled their resort properties. Here is Michael Graves' Dolphin and Swan.
At Port Orleans you not only have the buildings, but you have the wrought iron of the French Quarter.
For comparison, take a look at this less detailed Radisson Hotel nearby. If more people used Google Earth, you could imagine the detailed models attracting more virtual visits and ultimately more reservations. Or not.
But with gas prices going up, maybe these virtual visits will become the hot new trend.

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David Tulloch said...

It turns out that there is a great video of the experience at http://www.gearthblog.com/blog/archives/2008/06/disney_world_3d_for_google_earth_yo.html and it was even covered in USA Today.