22 June 2008

Gas Maps

The rapid increase of gas prices has fueled a new form of volunteered geographic information: gas mapping. On GasBuddy.Com people are almost constantly posting prices of both cheap and expensive gas so that you can see where to stop on your way to the bike store. Maybe this is how you fight back against pricing scams. Or maybe this is how you simply help develop a more cultivate consumer. in any case, it doesn't work without the volunteers doing it all over the country.
In fact, the national coverage is so complete that the point data can be aggregated into large choropleth maps. Quickly people will realize that they may better off getting gas in Manhattan than along the Merritt Parkway. Or maybe those brisdge tolls are worth it to get the cheap NJ gas for your Hummer.

The creative customizations also include graphing of price changes. These may be very helpful in explaining to your kids why you have canceled the summer trip to the Ozarks and joined the local pool instead.

Of course, with such high gas prices, the cheapest way to get around is probably a Google Map driving simulator.

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