18 June 2008

The NJ LA Sites are finally online

We are finally unveiling the first public product from our Landscape Architectural Sites of New Jersey project with the ASLA and NJASLA. This is an effort to find different ways to help more people find interesting landscapes and sites throughout New Jersey and beyond. As a first draft we have posted both a Zoomify image and a KMZ file for Google Earth.

Since the list has been developed, in part, by culling information from other sources, I haven't yet visited all of the sites myself. Here are a few that I am interested in visiting sometime soon:
Most importantly, we hope to continue improving the static web site this summer while trying to get our online map hack up and running too. We need to add the list of 9-11 memorials, link more of Jenna's photos and improve the data representations (we hate the current Google Earth symbols as much as you do). But to really make it work, we could really use your help. Please use the comment section below as a way to add to our to do list. What surprised you? What are the glaring omissions? What form of data do you still want?

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