07 July 2008

Getting to know Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed

This fall our regional design studio will be exploring the physical and social landscapes of the Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed. I am told that the watershed association is the 2nd oldest in the country (http://www.thewatershed.org/) and they maintain lots of information online. The terrain is varied from the Sourland Mountains to the very floodprone Manville and Zarephath, although this map exaggerates the terrain just a bit:
The watershed includes a very wide variety of communities from Princeton to Manville, from Franklin to East Windsor. And you'll find that SBMWA is pretty tech-saavy, having a very solid GIS office and even trying out online maps (http://maps.giscenter.org/maps/watershed/viewer.htm). There are also some interesting development issues, like the Route 1 corridor and the Princeton Junction Redevelopment proposal, that make this a fascinating microcosm of the NJ landscape.

I expect that you'll see lots more about this area and some project details in the coming months, so I have established a SBMW tag to make it easier to track.

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Anonymous said...

i did a similar project a few years back. great experience!