02 July 2008

New archeaology at Rutgers

Rutgers has found some interesting buried treasure at the site of its addition to the football stadium. The Home News and Tribune reports that excavation on the south end of the stadium on the Busch campus has found part of the old Rising Sun Tavern and a an early 18th Century home thought to be the Van Tine House.

The article included a quotes from an interview with RU LA grad Frank Wong:

Wong said that state regulations require that proper care is taken to preserve the findings.

"You'll find in some instances you can work a foundation into a design," said Wong. But that wasn't the case at the Rutgers site. "The important thing is documentation and recovery."

"We are going to find everything there is to find," he said. "Without the university, nobody would have ever known about this. The athletic department has been very conscionable."

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David Tulloch said...

So what do you wear to your dig? A nice white sweater maybe? Check out this photo.
Someone might have known the Times was bringing a photographer, huh?